Reduction of Scope

The breadth of certification will be decreased to remove the components not matching the requirements if the client has considerably or continuously failed to meet certification requirements. The contraction will be in line with the obligations of the standard used for certification.

Certification Mark (not for NDIS)

If issued to you, Community Audits Australia Certification Marks:

​Can only be utilised when the management system is continually maintained, and the registration is valid; Can only be used in affiliation with your organisation’s name or logo on stationery, literature or public material; and

Cannot be used on an item or affixed in any way that may be interpreted as denoting product certification or conformity.

Certification Transfer

Community Audits Australia acknowledges the client’s right to appoint a certification body without being extremely or unfairly constrained.

We also acknowledge and support that a client may wish to transfer to CAA at the start of certification or during the process. We have systems in place to support this to ensure continuity of supports and processes.


Fees are laid out in your quote. As costs are based on the rate that is correct at the time of submitting a quotation, we reserve the right to change charges during the certification time frame. Clients will be communicated with about any changes in fees if different to the quote provided. Further fees apply for any additional work that is not agreed upon in the initial quotation. These could include unplanned audits or further communication required due to the identification of products not conforming or complying to the Management System or Certification program.

Suspension & Cancellation

The Licensee/Provider is eligible to void their Agreement at any given time by a written notice to Community Audits Australia Pty Ltd at least two (2) months before the due date of their next audit as per audit schedule. Inability to meet this requirement may result in a chargeable fee.

If unable to uphold any of the requirements addressed in our Terms and Conditions of Certification and failure to resolve the breach in accompaniment with any written directive from Community Audits Australia, could lead to immediate suspension of this License and lead to termination of the agreement.

Community Audits Australia will recover the suspended certification in a case where the issue that resulted in the suspension has been resolved.

When suspension of the License occurs, the Licensee/Provider must immediately stop using the Trademark/s, until further notice or if the use is reopened due to the issue being resolved. This authorisation of resolvement would be in writing by Community Audits Australia Pty Ltd.

If the Agreement is terminated either by the Licensee/Provider or Community Audits Australia Pty Ltd, the Licensee/Provider must immediately stop using the Trademark/s and return to Community Audits Pty Ltd any Trademark/s or other Trademark/s artwork previously supplied by Community Audits Australia.

COVID-19 Risk Management

Whilst we are moving auditing back to onsite audits from remote auditing, we remain committed to the risk management and safeguarding of all involved in the auditing process.

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