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Our auditors come from our industry and specialise in auditing community and home services providers in Australia.

We understand that these are sometimes uncertain times, and are committed to working with providers to support our industry. Click here to enquire about our competitive pricing and flexible payment options designed to assist providers in our Community Services family.

Community Audits

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge of required standards in the community services industry.

Community Audits

Certification benefits Service Users as it ensures they receive the best support.

Community Audits

Certification places trust in your organisation that you can’t afford to lose!

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We offer flexible payment options for Certification services. At sign up a 25% deposit is paid (INSTALMENT 1) and at completion of Stage 2 the final and remaining balance is paid. Alternatively, you can pay the total amount up front if you do not wish to pay by instalments. (there are no additional costs if you choose to pay by instalments).

Our Services

Community Audits

Certification Audit

If your organisation wants to ensure - and demonstrate - that it’s top-performing, a Certification Audit by Community Audits Australia is the way to go. We undertake a full examination of your organisation, ensuring that you understand and meet Australian standards in compliance with the NDIS Practice Standards. Once you demonstrate that you’re doing this, we will recommend certification for a defined period of up to three years with an 18 month mid-term sampling review, before repeating the process again.

Community Audits

Mid-Term Audit

A mid-term spot check during the certification period keeps everyone on their toes across the business, ensuring that quality support and services is provided all the time, every time! This, in turn, gives you the peace of mind that your staff are always upholding your reputation and performing their duties well. Mid-Term audits by Community Audits Australia instil confidence in top organisations and ensure they’re meeting requirements for full certification!

Community Audits


Your business may not need to go through the full certification process, as determined by the new NDIS Practice Standards. This is usually the case if you’re not managing any high-risk supports. However, to maintain trust in your organisation, Verification makes sure that your clients are aware that safety and quality are still of the utmost importance to you and that you have been assessed for both.

More about us

Community Audits Australia (CAA) is an auditing organisation that takes pride in meeting exceptionally high levels of compliance across our business. We are highly experienced and committed to ensuring that only the best support and services is being provided to people living in the community.

Community Audits

Meeting standards shouldn’t just be about ticking boxes, it should be about making sure the service you provide is meeting the needs of clients and helping them to reach their goals. We seek to award providers with certification after a thorough investigation, to highlight their dedication to providing the best care possible.

CAA is an independent subsidiary company of the Australian Community Industry Alliance (acia). acia is a not-for-profit organisation that has been supporting community service providers in both the disability and aged care sectors since 2005, with a mission to ensure that service providers progressively work to the very best quality outcomes for their clients. By embracing quality standards, acia has provided the foundation for community organisations to develop successful businesses and ensuring safety and quality in service delivery to Service Users.

As an organisation, while CAA is entirely independent from acia, we understand the industry we are servicing, and our auditors therefore have a high level of experience of working in both Disability and Aged Care, across the community and human services sector. Profit generated by CAA is directed back to acia, to support it in helping improve quality and service delivery in the industry.

acia was proudly a key stakeholder in the development of the NDIS Practice Standards.

We are completely aware and considerate of cost constraints and how stretched the industry can be, which is why we offer a number of flexible, tailored and affordable packages which aim to provide the most cost-effective options across Australia, even in rural areas.

Community Audits

Our approach is to ensure quality outcomes and compliance can be achieved no matter where you are. Our insight comes through years of experience and a genuine passion for making sure service users are protected, and for service providers to meet quality outcomes to improve their services no matter the obstacles.

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